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  Online Store Features

Below is a partial list of features included with the Online Store we can provide for you. We will take care of setting up and maintaining your store for you!
Sample stores can be seen at the following websites:

bullet BikerB Soapworks
bullet Children's Ride
bulletSun and Surf Run
bulletFallen Officers Rally

Fast Relational Database Back-end! Sorting and searching at the speed of light!  Capable of handling hundreds of products.

Upsell!  You can associate accessories with items to generate more sales. For example, when a customer adds a  camera to their shopping cart, you can have the software automatically suggest that they purchase film, batteries, lenses, etc.

Search Engine! Quickly gets the customer to the product in which he/she is interested.

Unlimited Categories and Subcategories and Products!  Organize your web site so there will never be any web-surfer confusion.

Automatic Tax Calculation! Your customer will automatically be charged the tax amount appropriate for his/her address.

Custom Shipping Calculation!  UPS database hookup is available for US, Canada, and foreign countries. Got a special way to calculate shipping costs?  We'll customize it for you.

Optional Payment Methods! Your store can accept credit cards and/or checks.

Fraudulent Credit Card Filter! Invalid credit card numbers will be refused.

Minimum Order! Allows you to easily set a minimum order price. Your customers cannot check out until their order exceeds your preset limit.

Automatic E-mail Invoice! Both you and your customer will instantly receive an e-mail receipt detailing the order information. For extra security, your invoice can be PGP encrypted or retrieved through a secure URL.

Unique Confirmation Number! Provided for you and your customer so there is never any confusion about who ordered what.

Compatibility!  Installed on your Unix/NT server,  fully SSL compliant to deliver secure E-Commerce transactions with a secure server. It is also compatible with any third-party database capable of exporting to a CSV. (Microsoft Access, Excel, Quickbooks, etc.)

Real-time Credit Processing!  For those with real-time credit card merchant accounts, fully compatible with using any of the following services.

bulletMiva Payment
bulletCheck Payment
bulletCredit Card Payment with Simple Validation
bulletE-Commerce Exchange/QuickCommerce
bulletInnovative Gateway Solutions
bulletLynk Internet Processing
bulletMoneris e-SELECT
bulletParadata Payment Service
bulletUS Merchant Systems
bulletVerisign Payflow Pro
bulletVerisign Payflow Link

Inventory Tracker!  For those with a limited inventory, the intelligent inventory tracker can stop selling your merchandise when the inventory has been exhausted. This can be easily turned off for sites where this does not apply.

Affiliates!  Keep track of your affiliates and who is sending traffic to your site.

Scalable! Unlimited categories and items. Super fast powered by the backend database.

One click checkout! Easily access your profile with your username and password for a one-click checkout.

Registration Tools! Software for changing passwords, e-mailing forgotten passwords, more.

No registration required to browse! Your customers can browse your storefront items without the need to register first.